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Welcome to CIS Jaunpur

How CIS is different?

Igniting Aspiration

Based on the principle of ‘Compete with yourself’, CIS education brings out the best in every child in both human and academic terms, fuels ambition, ignites aspiration and creates an intrinsic motivation to succeed.

Growing up the CIS way


(Pre-Primary Years)

CIS has developed as a warm and caring School community that prepares children for life not just exams. An outstanding education is a balanced education of body, mind, heart and spirit. An education that preserves and nurtures every child’s holistic education.


(Primary Years)

CIS believes in empowering student in the primary year by giving them ownership. This helps in vertical and horizontal alliance to make sure that each child attains confidence and competency in all the core subject.


(Middle Years)

The CIS environment is rife with possibilities for the students. A huge range of pedagogical learning materials are arranged to build up a learning environment which help in addressing the senses and multiple intelligence and give opportunities for exposure, exchange and event to showcase their talents.


(Senior Years)

When students are prepared for the future and ready to take the next step.

The 6 C's of CIS

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